The Technical Innovation Consultancy

With over 30 years’ collective experience in the technology and media industry we have continually been at the forefront of development and implementation across the ever changing digital landscape.

Having delivered 1000’s of varying projects including enterprise system design, web design, award winning digital campaigns/innovations and mobile first implementations. Additionally, we have implemented and designed digital signage networks both across ANZ and Internationally.

Our military, engineering and media backgrounds means we have an unrivalled breadth of knowledge that will deliver you accurate reviews or development of your digital strategy. Provision of new technical innovative concepts right through to project managing your implementations.

When it comes to digital signage networks we have over 10 years’ experience in design and implementation including but not limited to Airports, Airline lounges, Retail, Road side both locally and globally. We can assist in recommending the right product, design, content management system that will enable you to deliver accurate messages throughout your network. We can also Project Manage any network installation you are planning. We can help develop bespoke content systems that can publish from one application either manually or automatically. This includes signage inside your business helping to get up to date HR, OH&S or Corporate messages across your business.

Integrity   Trust   Experience

Integrity - Our vision is to always be creating value for our clients alongside cultivating a competitive advantage on emerging technical markets and trends.

Trust - Digital and technology can find you seeking outside expertise to explore the unfamiliar problems often experienced with new markets and or methodologies for technology, new systems, media and digital marketing etc. We will provide an objective insight that your in-house people can’t. We can quickly fulfil pressing knowledge gaps or experience in a quick timeframe without lengthy lead in time.

Experience - We are not there to simply provide raw data on technology we will however, translate actionable strategies, create cutting edge products and services or adapt your business and brand to new spaces – this is the niche that Stark House provides.


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